Mission Statement - Directives

Bwgcolman Indigenous Knowledge Centre has been operating since 2010 as a local Community Library and where we gather and store some of our Local History.

Our mission statement is that we will collect, preserve, promote, maintain and share contemporary and historical resources through:

  1. Improving library service to the Palm Island Community
  2. Respecting elders, lore and the diverse groups that make up the current population of Palm Island
  3. Present workshop, exhibition and activities at Palm Island Indigenous Knowledge Centre to educate and enhance the library experience
  4. To acquire and digitally duplicate Palm Island material from information institutions for the community to view
  5. To share information with the community and outside networks
  6. Create a more meaningful library accession and description process to house resources for the future
  7. Deliver Digital Information to community Members
  8. School Holiday Programs & activities (Deadly Digital & First 5 Forever Program)

Library Services

Books and DVDs are items that can be borrowed and loan from the Library.

Library book shelves  Library reading corner


  • Internet
  • Online Shopping
  • Online Banking
  • Emailing
  • Family History

Library computers

Local Photo Displays and Local History Exhibition

Library photo displays  Library history exhibits

First 5 Forever Program

Project Ideas might include:

  • Creating sessions for babies 0-12
  • Instigating a junior library card promoyion to boost membership and promote library benefits for children aged 0-5yrs
  • Designing a mobile play space with early literacy implements incorporated