Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council proudly welcomes our new Mayor and Councillors


Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council proudly welcomes our new Mayor Alf Lacey and Councillors-Telstan Sibley, Germaine Bulsey, Ebanese Oui and Mersane Oui. 
The swearing-in ceremony, held today marked a pivotal moment in our community as these dedicated individuals take on the mantle of leadership. 

It is wonderful to see an experienced Mayor combined with four young and emerging community leaders on Council. After the closed ballot election process at the first Council meeting today, Mersane Oui was appointed Deputy Mayor.

The five new councillors took their oath of office and pledged their unwavering commitment to serve the interests of our community. With hands raised and hearts full of dedication, they embark on a journey to effect positive change and make impactful decisions for the betterment of Palm Island.

As we extend congratulations to the newly sworn-in Mayor, Deputy Mayor and councillors, we also express our gratitude to those who have served before them.

Together, let us embrace the moment with optimism and determination, united in our shared commitment to building a brighter future for all residents of Palm Island.


Palm councillors 2024

Left to Right in Photo: Cr Germaine Bulsey, Cr Telstan Sibley, Mayor Alf Lacey, Deputy Mayor Mersane Oui, Cr Ebanese Oui. "